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Impact of Moisture Stress and Bacillus altitudinis FD48 on Physiological Modulation and Seed Germination in Rice (Oryza sativa L.)


                                The impact of moisture stress tolerant Bacillus altitudinis FD48 in promotingseed germination and physiological phenomenon under water deficit wasevaluated. Rice seeds (Var CO51) biotized with B.altitudinis FD48 enhancedthe seed germination and seedling vigor index by 51.05% followed byMethylobacterium sp.,(37.3%) moisture stress seedlings (-0.7 Mpa osmoticpotential). Plant biomass, accumulation of proline and compatible sugars alsoincreased in FD48 treated seeds under moisture stress. Further, the alphaamylase activity also accelerated with increase in moisture stress intensity. GCMSprofiling of bacterial primed seed exudates revealed 35 diverse compoundsbelonging to the class viz., sugars, aminoacids, organic acids, flavones, prenollipids and fatty acids. The B. altitudinis FD48 primed seeds alone releasedmethoxy flavone which may act as a lure for recruiting beneficial rhizosphericbacteria. Hence, this study implies that seed priming with B.altitudinis FD48is a promising approach for enhancing seed germination and seedlingestablishment in rice for drought prone areas and subsequent recruitment ofbeneficial bacteria that promotes plant growth and fitness.

Key words : Moisture stress, Bacillus, seed germination, seed exudates


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