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Association of Biometric Attributes and Feed Stock Quality on Ligno Cellulosic Ethanol Yield


                                Investigations were carried on the eight identified lingo cellulosic ethanol feed stock viz., Acrocarpus fraxinifolius, Casuarina MTP 2, Chukrasia tabularis, Eucalyptus MTP 1, Melia dubia, Populus deltoids, Leucaena leucocephala and Thespesia populnea on order to identify the association of biometric attributes (height, basal diameter and volume index), physical and proximate characters (bulk density, basic density, acid insoluble lignin, moisture, holo- cellulose, fibre wall thickness, fibre diameter, fibre length and lumen diameter) of feed stock on ethanol yield. The study has revealed that holocellulose (0.416), volume index (0.325) and basic density (0.199) had exhibited signifi- cant positive correlation with ethanol yield. Whereas, moisture (-0.413) and bulk density (0.010) recorded negative and significant correlation and lignin (-0.343) showed negative and non-significant correlation with ethanol yield. Thirteen principal components were generated and five principal components viz., holocellulose (0.416), bulk den- sity (0.010), basic density (0.199), fibre length (0.594) and fibre diameter (0.144) had contributed maximum to ethanol yield and the other traits viz., lignin (-0.343), moisture (-0.413) and height (0.266) had exerted minimum contribution to ethanol yield.

Key words : Association Studies - Ligno Cellulosic Ethanol - Feed Stock Quality

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