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Soil Physical Properties of TNAU-Research Farms, Coimbatore


                                The physical properties of 14 pedons representative of various soil series inthe research farms of TNAU, Coimbatore were studied during 2017-19. Thedepth of soils ranged from shallow (<65 cm) to very deep (>150cm). Soildepth was shallow in a steep slope, whereas deep soils were found in nearlylevel to very gently sloping plain. The texture of the surface and subsurfacesoils ranged from sandy clay loam to clay. The bulk density of the surfaceand subsurface soil samples ranged from 1.09 to 1.78 Mg m-3 irrespectiveof the depth. Higher bulk density has been recorded in the subsurface thanin the surface layer. The hydraulic conductivity of the pedon soil samplevaried from 0.40 to 8.69 cm hr-1 and decreased with increasing depth. Theinfiltration rate ranged from 0.80 to 13.75 cm hr-1 represented moderate tovery rapid category. Low moisture and medium-textured soil recorded thehighest infiltration rate, whereas clay dominated soil showed a low infiltrationrate. The total porosity of soil varied from 36.18 to 50.99 per cent irrespectiveof soil depth with the capillary and non-capillary porosity of 26.70 to 39.76per cent and 3.42 to 16.59 per cent respectively.

Key words : TNAU farms, soil physical properties, soil series, porosity and hydraulic conductivity

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