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Nutrient Management Techniques for Organically Grown Finger Millet


                                Field experiments were conducted at TNAU, Coimbatore during 2019 and2020 for developing organic nutrient package for finger millet (Ragi) usingthe variety CO (Ra) 15. Treatments included twelve combinations of weedcompost, enriched vermicompost, enriched farmyard manure (EFYM) as soilapplication along with panchagavya, effective microbes (EM), vermiwash, eggamino acid as foliar spray. The experiment was laid out in RBD with threereplications. The results showed that application of enriched vermicompost@ 1t ha-1 applied in two equal splits on 25 and 40 DAT along with foliarapplication of egg amino acid @ 5% on 30 and 45 DAT was found to be thebest nutrient management package for organic finger millet based on thegrain yield (2746 kg ha-1). However the maximum net return (Rs. 31,477)and BCR of 1.94 was recorded under basal application of EFYM @ 750 kgha-1 along with foliar spraying of EM @ 5% on 30 and 45 DAT thus proving asan economically viable nutrient package for organic finger millet production.

Key words : Finger millet; Organic practices; Enriched vermicompost; Manures; Effective Microbes

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