Journal of Current Crop Science and Technology
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March(1-3) 2021

Evaluation of the Nutritional Characteristics for Tamarind kernel Flour Incorporated Cookies


                                Tamarind kernels are typically under-emphasized by products of the tamarindpulp industry. The kernel is a fair source of protein, fat (essential fatty acids),carbohydrates and minerals, which can replace conventional flour to developnew food products. The study aims to exploit the under-utilized tamarindkernel for value addition to improve tamarind kernel-based food products’acceptability and consumption. The tamarind kernel incorporated cookiesat 50 percent level of incorporation had moisture of 1.62 %, carbohydratecontent of 72.52%, protein of 9.26 %, fat of 22.98%, fiber of 3.25% andash of 1.12%, respectively. The developed cookies had higher proteinand fiber content than control cookies, which depicts its potential to bethe better alternative for the conventional flour.

Key words : Tamarind kernel flour; Protein-rich legume; Under-utilized legume; Low cost; Cookies

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