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Weed Management Practices to Enhance Weed Control Efficiency In Direct Seeded Rice (DSR) Under Semi-Dry Conditions


                                A field experiment was carried out at Agricultural Research Station, Paramakudi, Tamil Nadu during 2017-18 to study the interaction between weed ecology, competition and management strategies in semi-dryDirect Seeded Rice. The fieldexperiment was laid out in split- plot with irrigation in main plot and weedmanagement in sub plot. The results revealed that least weed density was recorded after irrigation whenwater level droped to 10cm below soil surface. Among weed management practices hand weeding twice at20 and 40 days after sowing (DAS)has recorded the lowest weed density with highestweed controlefficiency. Among the interactions, lowest weed density and highest weed control efficiency was recordedwhen water level droped to 10 cm below soil surface with combination hand weeding twice at 20 and 40DAS.

Key words : Weed density ; Weed control efficiency; Hand weeding

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