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Screening Potential of Electrogenic Algae for Bio Power Production from Aquatic Habitats of Tamil Nadu


                                This paper illustrates the potential ofmicroalgae in electricityproduction.The present study focuses on searching for, indigenousmicroalgal strains from various aquatic sources exhibiting electrogenicactivity. Sixteen microalgal strains were obtained from the diverse waterbodies and assessed for electron transfer ability between cell andelectrode. Six algal strains were screened out of eighteen for potentialelectrogenicity, based on cyclic voltammetry assay. In contrast to otheralgal strains, the cyclic voltammograms of Hindakia sp. isolated from paddyfields displayed an oxidation peak under anaerobic conditions in thepotential range of +100 to +200 mV, while no distinct peaks wereobserved in other strains. This research broadened the exoelectrogen andidentified model microalgae for investigating the extracellular electrontransport process

Key words : Microalgae; Electrogenic; Cyclic Voltammetry;Hindakia sp

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