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Enhancement of Yield and Quality of Guava cv. Lucknow-49 by Foliar Application of Nutrients under High-Density Planting System


                                In view of the importance of foliar application of macro and micro nutrients to increase the yield and quality of guava under high density planting system, an experiment was laid out in a randomized complete block design consisting of nine treatment combinations with three replications. [(Control - Fertigation alone), (NPK (19:19:19)), (NPK + Zn), (NPK + Ca), (NPK + B), (NPK + Zn + Ca), (NPK + Zn + B), (NPK + Ca + B), (NPK + Zn + Ca + B). Among the treatments, fruit weight (225.22 g), fruit volume (215.35 ml),number of fruits per plant (80.35), fruit yield per plant(17.67 kg plant-1), TSS(10.60 0Brix), titratable acidity (0.196 %) and pectin content (1.31 %) was found to be significantly higher with the foliar application of NPK @ 1% + Zn @ 0.5 % + B @ 0.4%. The foliar spray of NPK @ 1% + Ca@ 0.2% + B@ 0.4% significantly increased the fruit diameter (7.85 cm), and ascorbic acid content (159.84 mg 100g-1). Thus, foliar spray of NPK, zinc and boron maintained more number of fruits per plant and improved the fruit set leading to an 18% increase in yield. Whereas, the addition of calcium to the plants increased the ascorbic acid content of the fruit and pectin that enhanced the shelf life of the fruit.

Key words : Guava; Foliar spray; Yield; Pectin; Ascorbic acid

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