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Correlation Analysis for Grain Yield and its Components in Pearl Millet [Pennisetum glaucum (L.) R. Br.]


                                The study was conducted to determine the correlation coefficients amongthe grain yield and yield contributing characters in 14 parental lines (4 linesand 10 testers) and their 40 hybrids of pearl millet. Positive and significantcorrelations were observed for 1000 seed weight followed by fodder yieldper plant, harvest index, earhead girth, number of effective tillers per plant,earhead length and plant height while, negative association with days to 50%flowering at both genotypic and phenotypic level with grain yield per plant.Based on correlations analysis, it is concluded that the selection for thesecharacters would help improve the yield potential of pearl millet.

Key words : Correlation, L x T, Pearl millet, Character association

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