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March(1-3) 2021

Effect of Storage Conditions on Quality and Shelf Life of Minimally Processed Precut Banana Pseudostem


                                Minimal processing techniques should provide the market with fresh- likeappearance. Fresh-cut vegetables are consumed widely and it is a healthy,nutritional and convenient option. The present study aimed to standardizeand develop the minimally processed precut pseudostem. Two bananavarieties were selected viz., ottuvazhai (syn Mupaddai) (V1), vayalvazhai (V2)for developing minimally processed product.To prevent browning, differentpretreatments such as lemon juice, turmeric powder, curd, salt, water,citric acid, and vinegar were used at 1 to 5 % concentration. Two differentpackaging materials, viz., aluminum foil (P1) and low-density polypropylene(P2) were used.The chemical composition of banana pseudostem wasanalyzed. The moisture, browning index, color value and microbial study ofthe precut pseudostem were analyzed using standard procedures. The qualityof minimally processed precut pseudostem was evaluated from the initialday to 9 days at ambient and refrigerated storage conditions. Among thepretreatments, citric acid pretreated precut pseudostem had an effective roleagainst browning reaction.During storage conditions, a minimum changeswere observed in Mupaddai variety (V1) precut pseudostem sample. Atrefrigerated condition, the minimally processed product (V1) from aluminumfoil was good upto 9 days of storage condition.

Key words : Minimal processing, pseudostem,polyphenol oxidase, citric acid, fresh-cut vegetables


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