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March(1-3) 2021

Development and Evaluation of Whey-based Herbal Beverages as Health Drink


                                The present study aimed to developwhey-based herbal beverages and toevalautetheir physical, chemical, and sensory properties. The pH, titrableacidity (% lactic acid) and total soluble solids (⁰Brix) of whey used for thedevelopment of whey based herbal drinks were found to be 5.21, 0.23and 6.4 respectively. The proximate composition of whey such as lactose(g/100g), protein (g/100g) and fat (g/100g) were 4.28, 0.28 and 0.13,respectively. The whey (65%), sugar (11%), H1 - brahmi extract (3%), H2 -mint extract (2%) and H3 - jaljeera powder (0.15%) were standardized forthe formulation of whey-based herbal drinks. Among the three variations,whey-based jaljeera drink (H3) scored the highest sensory acceptability.The pH, titrable acidity (% citric acid), total soluble solids (⁰Brix), lactose(g/100g), protein (g/100g), fat (g/100g), total reducing sugar (g/100g),total sugar (g/100g), calcium (mg/100g), ascorbic acid (mg/100g) andtotal phenol (mgGAE/100g) of whey-jaljeera drink (H3) were 5.24, 0.21,12.0, 2.78, 0.46, 0.30, 3.43, 14.43, 55.27, 0.12 and 14.26, respectively.The sensory attributes retention was high in glass (P2) compared to PET(P1). The sensory attributes were gradually decreased during the storage ofroom temperature (R1) than refrigerated temperature (R2). The cost of theformulated whey brahmi drink, whey mint drink, and whey jaljeera drinkswere Rs.18.33/250ml, Rs.20.20/250ml and Rs.14.75/250ml, respectively.The study concluded that nutritionally rich whey-based herbal drinks can berecommended to all group of people.

Key words : Brahmi, Jaljeera, Mint, Whey, beverage

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