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March(1-3) 2021

Development and Evaluation of Solenoid-Actuated Check Valve for Electro-Mechanical Inclined Plate Metering System Under Laboratory Conditions


                                The seeds in the conventional seed metering mechanism are metered andtransferred through seed tube to the furrow created by the furrow opener. Inthis type of delivery, non-uniformity occurs due to the uncontrolled seed fallingthrough seed tube from the metering device to the furrow. In conventionalprecision planters, the seed rate is controlled, whereas placement of seedsin furrow cannot be controlled. To achieve control over seed placement inthe furrow, the solenoid-actuated check valves have been developed andfixed to the electro mechanical inclined metering system. The check valvesystem was tested with an opto electronic measurement system in laboratoryconditions. For CO 6 variety of maize seeds, the quality feed index, missingindex, multiple index and precision indexes found out as 86.2 – 89.6 %,8 – 11.8 %, 1.9 – 2.9 % and 14.6 to 16.5 %, respectively. Using solenoidactuated check valve, the precision index of the developed electro mechanicmetering system (14.6 – 16.5 %) increased.

Key words : solenoid actuated check valve; linear solenoid actuator; opto electronic measurement system; electromechanical drive; inclined plate metering


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