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Effect of Organic Amendments on Growth, Nutrient Uptake Pattern and Yield of ginger (Zingiber officinale Rosc.)


                                The high yield of ginger is function of adequate and timely supply of plantnutrients. Among the various agronomic technologies influencing theproduction of ginger, nutrition is found to exert a great influence on growthand yield of ginger. Imbalance, low or no fertilizer application is one of themost important factors in obtaining the poor yield. Hence, the trial was takento study the effect of organic manures (FYM, neem cake, vermicompost,Azospirillum) and biostimulants (panchakavya, humic acid and PPFM)on growth, yield and nutrient uptake of ginger at Department of Spicesand Plantation Crops, Horticultural College and Research Institute, TamilNadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore. The growth parameters like plantheight, number of leaves, number of tillers and leaf area were found to behigher in the plants fed with 50% N (FYM) +25% N (Neem cake) + 25% N(Vermicompost) + Azospirillum (5kg/ha) + Panchakavya (3%). The maximumgreen rhizome yield (23.55 t ha-1) was obtained with the application of 50%N (FYM) +25% N (Neem cake) + 25% N (Vermicompost) + Azospirillum (5kg/ha) + Panchakavya (3%) per hectare. The highest uptake of nitrogen (119.06kg ha-1) and potassium (197.56 kg ha-1) was found in the application of 50%N (FYM) +25% N (Neem cake) + 25% N (vermicompost) + Azospirillum (5kg/ha) + panchakavya (3%) per hectare The maximum amount of Phosphorusuptake (14.35 kg ha-1) was recorded in the application of 50% N (FYM) +25%N (neem cake) + 25% N (vermicompost) + Azospirillum (5kg/ha) + humicacid (0.1%). In ginger cultivation, the application of organic manures andinorganic fertilizers commonly practiced to increase the yield and quality ofrhizome. Considering the world demand for organic food, the improvementof soil health, productivity and the availability of local resources, cultivationunder organic farming can be encouraged.

Key words : Bio-stimulants; Growth parameters; Ginger; Nutrient uptake; Organic manures; Yield

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