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Influence of Different Organic Manures on Growth, Yield Components and Productivity of Cotton


                                The present study aimed to the effect of different organic manures onthe growth and yield attributes of cotton by conducting field experimentsduring rice fallow season of 2013-14 and 2014-15 at the Tamil Nadu RiceResearch Institute, Aduthurai.. The cotton growth parameters such as plantheight, leaf area index, dry matter production and monopodial branchesplant-1 were significantly influenced by the application of 100% recommendeddose of fertilizer through vermicompost (on equal N basis). Also applicationof recommended dose of fertilizer through vermicompost (on equal N basis)recorded significantly higher yield attributes viz., sympodial branches plant-1,number of bolls plant-1, boll weight and seed cotton yield (17.4 and 18.6 q ha-1during both the years, respectively). Economic analysis also indicated that Insituvermicomposting produced higher net returns with higher B:C ratio.

Key words : Organic manures; Vermicompost; Growth attributes; Seed cotton yield; Economics

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