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Effect of climatic interference on the phenological stages of the Cherry tree Prunus cerasus in Tlemcen region. Algeria


                                The monitoring of the phenology of the two varieties of the cherry tree, theBlack Bigarreau and the Sunburst, revealed that the climate of the regionplays a very important role in the progress of the harvests, where the BlackBigarreau showed an earliness of 9 days between the year of 2018 and2019. The Sunburst variety showed an earliness of only 6 days comparedto the same years. This is explained by a time lag of flowering due to thefact that the climate-related interference linked to the thermal amplitudesof 2018 is greater than the one of 2019. Our study on the phenologicalstages of the two varieties of cherry allowed us to determine the duration offull blooms, important for pollination. Also, the climatic factor represented bythe temperature influences the breaking of dormancy. It also has an effecton the setting of fruit as well as the precocity of ripening

Key words : : Cherry - Black Bigarreau- Sunburst - phenology - climate

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