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Factors Influencing the Utilization of “Uzhavan App” as Perceived by the Farmers in Tamil Nadu


                                Information Communication Technologies (ICT’s) is now performing asthe third hand for shifting farmer’s life to next level by improving accessto information and sharing of knowledge. Tamil Nadu Government haslaunched “Uzhavan” mobile application for the benefit of farmers. Thefocus of the present study is to find influencing factors on utilizing Uzhavanapp as perceived by the farmers and to bring up the changes felt by thefarmers after utilizing Uzhavan application. An ex-post facto research designwas adopted for the study. Data collected from a sample of 90 Uzhavanapp users in Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu, India, during January 2020.Operability, Accuracy, Readability, Directness, Timeliness, Creditability andReliability were the most influencing factors of the utilization of the Uzhavanapp by the farmers. Farmers felt that Uzhavan app has relatively loweredthe information searching time and it has created more awareness aboutAgricultural Government Schemes.

Key words : Uzhavan app; Farmers; Smart phone; ICT; Social media; Utility perception Index

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