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Improving Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Productivity through Plant Growth Regulators and Nutrients


                                A field experiment was conducted at the College of Agricultural Technology,Kullapuram, Theni during 2016-2017 on enhancing rice (Oryza sativa L.)productivity through plant growth regulators and nutrients. The experimentwas laid out in Randomized Block Design with eight treatments replicatedthrice. The results revealed that foliar spray of Triacontanol 2 ppm +Polyfeed 1% + KCl 1% given at 35 and 65 DAT along with the application ofa recommended dose of fertilizer increased all yield attributes viz., numberof productive tillers (540 m-2), panicle length (22.8 cm) and decreasedsterility level (13.4%). Further, the treatment recorded a higher grain yield of6.1 t ha-1 and straw yield of 6.77 t ha-1. The result of the study revealed thatfoliar application of Triacontanol 2 ppm + Polyfeed 1% + KCl 1% applied at35 and 65 DAT along with a recommended dose of fertilizer enhanced thegrain yield in ADT 47 rice variety during rabi season.

Key words : Rice, Triacontanol, KCl, Polyfeed

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