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Influence of High Density Planting under Modified System of Rice Intensification on Growth, Root Characteristics and Yield of Rice in the Western zone of Tamil Nadu


                                A field experiment was conducted during the late Samba (September–January) season of 2018-19 to evaluate the growth, root characters, andyield of rice due to high-density planting. The soil of the experimental fieldwas clay loam in texture with a neutral reaction. The experiment consistedof eight treatments with different spacing and fertilizer levels such asT1 - 25cm x 25cm with 100% Recommended Dose of Fertilizers (RDF),T2 - 25cm x 20cm with 100% RDF, T3 - 25cm x 15cm with 100% RDF,T4 - 25cm x 15cm with 125% RDF, T5 - 20cm x 20cm with 100% RDF, T6 -20cm x 15cm with 100% RDF, T7 - 20cm x 15cm with 125% RDF and T8- Conventional cultivation (20cm x 10cm with 100% RDF) and replicatedthrice. The results revealed that significantly taller plants were recordedwith all SRI treatments (T1 to T7) compared to conventional planting in all thestages except at maturity, which resulted in non-significant results. A reversetrend was noted with leaf area index and straw yield. Root length and rootvolume of rice were higher in wider planted treatments (T1, T2, and T5) thanother closer spaced treatments with the least in T8. Treatments T5, T4 andT3 produced significantly higher grain yield over other treatments with theminimum in T8. The results inferred that too wider and too closer spacinglevels under the SRI method would lead to a reduction in yield though othergrowth parameters were recorded more.

Key words : Rice, modified SRI, plant height, LAI, root characteristics, yield

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